uProxy: a smart PLC transmitter for process & measurement data

UpTimeWorks has developed a device with the unique ability to incorporate process data into our reliability services. The uProxy provides users the ability to understand process conditions in relation to the collected condition monitoring data. In general, the uProxy is a PLC transmitter. It reads variables and forward the data to the Teltonika router.

PLC sender to the router
uProxy PLC transitter

Reading process data from PLC's

uProxy enables users to read process measurements directly from the PLC controllers.  Currently, the Modbus and Siemens S7 PLC controllers are integrated. With our ability to use mobile Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication networks, we have created the perfect solution to incorporate multiple data sources.

In our endeavor to develop reliable, but affordable hardware, we based uProxy PLC transmitter on single-board PC technology. Above all, it is perfectly compatible with the uBridge. It offers users the ultimate reliability solution.

Case study

Less downtime by utilizing process & condition-monitoring data.

Off-shore wind turbines are becoming more and more accepted as alternative sources of renewable energy. But due to the nature of off-shore wind farms, asset reliability is an extremely important parameter when considering the overall business case. 

When attempting to understand the physical status of these assets, it is also no longer sufficient to only measure vibration values. Because these values are heavily influenced by process conditions. For example wind speed, direction, pitch angle of the blades, and MW of power being produced are factors.

In 2014/2015 a study was conducted with Delta Energy (NL) and the University of Eindhoven (NL). During this case, UpTimeWorks collected process information in combination with condition-monitoring data and set with a single timestamp. This enabled us to correlate data sources. In short, with the use of algorithms, we have eliminated false positives (false alarms). This ensured we only act upon those that really matter. 

Delta Energy confirmed that the cross analysis of condition-monitoring and process data resulted substantial benefits. In conclusion it resulted in 25% less downtime and a 15% reduction in the overall maintenance costs.