uSonic: a vibration data collector for lubrication inspections

The uSonic is our vibration data collector for lubrication inspections. It is the measuring device for detecting vibration of assets. It makes (re-)lubrication easy as it is an integrated part in the UpTimeWorks software.

uSonic portable vibration collector for lubrication
uSonic vibration collector for lubrication

When to (re-)lubricate?

When, and how much, one should relubricate is subjected to endless discussions and calculations. Ultrasound technology has proven to be a valuable solution to ensure an optimum level of lubrication. Especially for highly critical assets where the addition of excessive volumes of grease has proven to be fatal. 

In practice, it also means that ultrasound technology is extremely susceptible to the usage and positioning of the sensor. Measurement values are difficult to reproduce. Furthermore, tracking measurement values requires an additional database with all the peripherals involved.

uSonic makes lubrication easy

The uSonic is based on a very sensitive Piëzo sensor for collecting vibration data. Because it connects via Bluetooth to the uMobile app for on-the-spot analysis, it ensures the lubrication technicians have maximum freedom of movement. uMobile displays the vibration measurement is displayed as a single overall value. Most importantly, the application will also compare the measurements to baseline requirements, and advise accordingly. 

In conclusion this means: 

  • No additional database,
  • Highly reproducible measurements (high degree of accuracy, even with untrained personnel)
  • Fully integrated into the lubrication management software of UpTimeWorks. 
  • Requires almost no additional investment. 
uSonic vibration collector with piëzo sensor in hand

Technical Specifications