Basics of Lubrication Management Podcast

Lubrication management is fundamental to every reliability program.

UpTimeWorks discussed the importance of managing lubrication when they were featured on the 32nd episode Pumps & Systems Podcast with host Drew Champlin. On the podcast, a wide range of essential lubrication-related topics was covered including the basics of lubrication management basics, condition monitoring, oil sampling techniques, and product selection.

Listen to Pumps & Systems podcast:

In addition to introducing the UpTimeWorks platform and their background, UpTimeWorks addresses several essential questions about lubrication management and predictive maintenance solutions in general. One of the things noted by UpTimeWorks is that executing an effective lubrication management program can be a challenge, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. “Successful lubrication management is really all about discipline and providing the right tools to do it.”

The main question answered in the podcast are:

  • Why don’t companies place enough emphasis on lubrication management?
  • What tools do you need to properly manage a successful lubrication program?
  • What is condition monitoring and how does it relate to lubrication management?
  • Which hardware tools can assist with lubrication management?
  • What are the benefits of integrating hardware (e.g., sensors) and software
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