Our Vibration Sensors & Data Collectors

Vibration sensors and data collectors

Vibration analysis is a fundamental part of any condition monitoring program. Our high-end vibration sensors and vibration data collectors can connect to a single UpTimeWorks database. Enabling big data and expert analyses. The vibration sensors & data collectors are all part of our remote monitoring system.

Vinration sensors and data collectors
uMote wireless vibration sensor

uMote vibration sensor

An autonomous, single-channel and wireless 24-bit vibration sensor utilizing the IIoT LoRaWAN system. It is capable of taking all the required readings to diagnose common machine faults. It will transmit that data to the cloud, while storing up to 250 sets of fully flexible 65536 sample time domain blocks. The perfection wireless vibration sensor for very accurate measurements. 

uBlock vibration and temperature sensor

A temperature and vibration sensor in one. The uBlock can measure vibration at 16 bit and temperature up to 90 degrees celsius. This sensor is favorable for assets that are vulnerable for temperature changes. But most importantly,  for assets that need measurements at an low interval a day. The best possible balance between cost and prediction performance. 

Vibration sensor on pump
Vibration data collector

uClip handheld vibration data collector

A wearable device that enables the collection of 24-bit AC or ICP dynamic data as part of a walk-around vibration measurement system. It’s designed to deliver optimal quality vibration condition assessment results for an increasingly competitive predictive maintenance market. The uMobile is your navigator during the visual inspections. The app will direct you to asset and component to component. 

uSonic vibration data collector

A 24-bit vibration data collector with a fully integrated bluetooth sensor. The uSonic is the solution to ensure an optimum level of lubrication. Espacially for highly critical assets where the addition of excessive volumes of grease has proven to be fatal. The uSonic 

Vibration data collector

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