Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor

uBlock: Bluetooth 5 mesh multi axis vibration & temperature sensor

Engineered to create the best possible balance between cost and prediction performance. The uBlock wireless vibration and temperature sensor is ideal for periodic measurements.

Wireless temperature and vibration sensor
Wireless temperature and vibration sensor on motor

Plug and play

Our smartphone application the uMobile allows the quick and simple bonding of a uBlock device to your UpTimeWorks reliability application. The combination of a long range antenna and Bluetooth 5 mesh technology ensures the measured vibration and temperature readings always make it across the factory.

Walk up and wake up the device with two swipes of a magnet and it will then streams raw vibration data to the smartphone application allowing the engineer to view changes in vibration tonals while changing machine running conditions. 

There are two differents types of uBlock’s. The uBlock 5VT that measures vibration only and the uBlock 5T that measures vibration and temperature up to 90 degrees. 

Technical Specifications

General specifications of the uBlock

uBlock-5VT specifications

uBlock-5T specifications