uBridge: the smart condition monitoring system for industries

The uBridge is a vibration data collector that collects data from vibration sensors. It transmits the data with the use of a raspberry pi to the cloud server. Therefore it is the condition-monitoring solution for all types of critical production plant assets.

uBridge vibration data collector
uBridge vibration data collector

Vibration data collector

The uBridge online system is technically superior to the vast majority of online systems currently available within the predictive maintenance (PdM) marketplace. For instance, vibration measurements are stored as time and frequency domain primitives with no derived intelligence and only basic symptoms. In other words, the locally-driven uBridge intelligence will allow any system integrator to add their intelligence.​

IIoT & Industry 4.0 compatibility

Local intelligence and awareness is an Industry 4.0 requirement. Crucial sensor information provides to the controller’s awareness to improve the production process. The Industrial Internet of Things is really the ability of a system to transfer vibration data to a cloud-based decision support database. uBridge can transmit all vibration data. Whether raw or locally derived symptoms/axioms to a cloud database via Bluetooth/802.11x/LAN or a 4G dongle. Furthermore, its ability to be intelligent and relay that intelligence to a production control environment is only limited by the quality of the device’s programmed intelligence.

Each device can be programmed with ‘generic’ intelligence. Hence it can become plug and play (with nothing more than its derived knowledge of the assets being monitored). Furthermore, it is truly scalable as each device can be autonomous if required. However, there are some interesting big data opportunities with the deployment of such solutions.

uBridge vibration data collector

Technical Specifications