Online Systems

Online condition monitoring systems

The online condition monitoring systems conducts all the measured vibration data into the cloud. We provide all the best features so you can stop focusing on your project management and get back to your life’s work. UpTimeWorks uBridge and uProxy are key in the remote system.

uBridge online condition monitoring system
uBridge online condition monitoring system industry

uBridge online condition monitoring system

A 16 channel vibration collecter that stores vibration data from all sensors and send it to the cloud database. This excludes the uMote that utilizes the Laird internet of things gateway. The uBridge can store data locally up to 128 GB using Bluetooth and a LoRa PLC connection.

uProxy PLC transmitter

The uProxy provides users the ability to understand process conditions in relation to the collected condition monitoring data. The uProxy collects PLC signals and read variables. It then forwards the data to the Teltonika router. 

uProxy PLC transitter