A Vibration Sensor for Route-based Inspections

uClip: the vibration sensor for route-based inspections

The uClip is a wearable device that enables the collection of 24-bit AC or ICP dynamic vibration data as part of a walkaround vibration measurement system. It is designed to deliver optimal quality vibration condition assessment results because of the increasingly competitive predictive maintenance (PdM) market.

uClip portable vibration collector
uClip suitcase

Setup your routes for vibration data collection

First of all, in the uWorks desktop routes be inserted manually. Secondly, add visual inspections activities with details of the machine, an image of the component and more to make so it will be as easy as possible for every person to execute the route-based inspections.

The use of the uClip can be executed with the uMobile app. The app will navigate you from machine to machine and from component to component. In conclusion the measurement results are saved in the app and can be seen in the uWorks. 

Technical Specifications

Power & Mechanical