The Mobile App for Route-based Inspections

Perform inspection
routes with uMobile.

With the uMobile application, you can manage, perform, and process route-based inspections, such as vibration measurements, visual inspections, and lubrication management. The app is designed to fully utilize the capabilities of industrial CAT61 phones. Making it a world-class assessment tool, ideal for service technicians around the globe.

Manage route-based
visual inspections

With the uMobile app, we made lubrication and visual inspections SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). Technicians receive on the uMobile clear work-orders with tasks specifically tailored to machines and components. Executing these tasks results in reproducible and quantifiable results. Our one-system approach enables the technicians to receive and complete the orders using the uMobile. The UpTimeWorks database and our lubrication management software are updated automatically via Wi-Fi and 3G connection, resulting in zero additional administration efforts.

The uMobile loads all the necessary data for an inspection route in advance, preventing any hindrance on-site in case that no mobile or Wi-Fi connection can be made. The application stores any progress offline, until the connection to the cloud server, is re-established. Furthermore, the ability to take pictures and write in uMobile greatly improves the overall maintenance program. The uMobile makes managing inspection routes easy for technicians, ensuring high productivity, valuable insights, and swift actions. 

Manage your lubrication program

uMobile provides service technicians with an overview of all the lubrication-related work orders created in uWorks: the lubrication management system of UpTimeWorks. uMobile details:

  • Where to lubricate,
  • When to lubricate,
  • What product to use,
  • How much to use,

The application also makes it possible to check off tasks immediately, which then is automatically updated in uWorks. Since the creation and processing of work orders are done in one system, it prevents a lot of administrative work.

Lubrication oil storage
uMobile CAT61 phone vibration data
uMobile infrared image

Capturing thermal-graphic images

We recommend using the uMobile application on the android CAT61 phone. CAT61 phones withstand usage in industrial environments and have extra capabilities compared to regular android phones e.g., infrared cameras. With the uMobile, you can utilize this capability and capture thermal-graphic images of machine components. Captured images are cloud-stored and can be viewed in uWorks.

Measure vibrations
with the uClip

Our uClip device is a portable vibration sensor that connects with the uMobile application. In uWorks, vibration measurement tasks can be defined which become part of an inspection route. The uMobile app shows the result (time-series and FFT) directly after completing a vibration measurement with the uClip. Optionally, allowing the technician or vibration engineer to judge the quality of the reading, and possibly collect a second vibration measurement.

Vibration Analysis with the uClip
uMobile CAT61 phone vibration data
uMobile CAT61 phone lubrication
Lubrication oil storage

Measure lubrication levels

The uMobile supports the complete spectrum a lubrication inspection tasks, including checking the lubrication levels. Our uSonic, a 24-bit vibration data collector with a fully integrated Bluetooth module, connects to the uMobile for vibration measurements with which the lubrication levels can be estimated. The uSonic is developed to assess the lubrication levels of highly critical assets where e.g., the addition of excessive volumes of grease has proven to be fatal.

Manage visual inspections and routes with uWorks

With uMobile, you’ll have a complete tool for all your route-based inspection activities. Our web platform uWorks seamlessly integrates with uMobile, because it allows you to create and assign routes and work-orders for the on-site service technicians using uMobile. Furthermore, uWorks provides insight into the task compliance and the results of your inspection program with our newly developed dashboard.