Online Condition Monitoring Devices

The online condition monitoring devices of UpTimeWorks

UpTimeWorks developed online condition monitoring devices for reliable monitoring the health of your assets.

Vibration measurement devices

Our remote vibration collectors

UpTimeWorks developed high-end wireless sensors for online condition monitoring of your assets with our reliability platform and our specialized software for vibration analysis. Moreover, the sensors consist of intelligent behavior to store and send the most important data. Ultimately, the devices for periodic measurements of the low to medium critical assets.

uBlock wireless temperature and vibration sensor

uBlock temperature sensor

The uBlock is a temperature and 16-bit vibration sensor in one. The uBlock can measure temperature up to 90 degrees celsius. It is therefore favorable for assets that are vulnerable to temperature changes and for assets that do not need to be measured often.

Our route-based vibration collectors

In some cases, route-based inspections are the solution for monitoring the condition of a plant’s assets. However, it does require the manual measurements to be reproducible, and of high quality. Therefore, UpTimeWorks developed two portable devices for inspection routes that seamlessly integrate with our mobile application for route-based inspections.

uClip portable vibration collector

uClip vibration collector

A portable device for the collection of 24-bit dynamic AC or ICP data for high quality and reproducible measurements during route-based asset inspections. In summary, the uClip delivers optimal vibration results for accurate condition assessment.

Our online condition monitoring systems

The most innovative solutions of UpTimeWorks include our online condition monitoring systems: the uBridge and the uProxy. Firstly, our online systems connect (third party) sensors in order to integrate their measurements in the reliability platform of UpTimeWorks. As a result, custom measuring setups can be implemented with our online systems at the most critical assets at your plant for high-quality condition monitoring. 

uBridge vibration data collector

uBridge vibration collector

The uBridge is a 16-channel vibration collecter that stores vibration data from all sensors and sends it to the cloud using Bluetooth and a LoRa PLC connection​. The uBridge can store up to 128 GB of data locally.